How Much Does Glass Balustrading Cost in Perth?

glass balustrades cost in Perth Australia

Nowadays, glass balustrades are commonly used in many buildings in Perth. If you go anywhere near or within your area or just anywhere the city, you can see that a lot of hotels, condominiums, department stores or malls, hospitals, banks and even supermarkets, to name a few, have their own stair balustrades and most of them use glass.

Some of the common materials used for balustrades are timber, steel and glass.

Today, glass balustrading is the “in thing”, so to speak. Most building owners prefer glass balustrades over any other materials and they don’t actually mind about the glass balustrading cost and they have more than one reason why they prefer glass over timber or steel.

The Benefits of Having Glass Balustrades

Why do most people these days choose this type of material for their balustrades? First of all, glass is very appealing and it can make any office, store or room look more elegant. Secondly, glass is very versatile and it can elegantly fit in any spaces, be it big or small, and it can blend well with its surroundings.

Many people choose glass for their balustrades because it can be used in any type of application. Pool fences, shower screens and staircases will simply look amazing and beautiful when they are fitted with glass balustrades.

Furthermore, glass balustrades require only minimal maintenance and can be cleaned even just by using damp cloth and they don’t need painting at all. Unlike steel balustrades, glass don’t get rusty. Another benefit that you can enjoy when using glass for your stair balustrades is you get free light movement in your space.

Glass can give your surroundings or the interior of your house or area of business that “airy and light” feeling. You don’t need a lot of lights during the night to light up your interior. With glass balustrades, your home or office space will look very bright from the outside.

If your concern is safety, you can rely on glass materials for your glass balustrading needs. Glass these days don’t break easily.

How Much Does Glass Balustrading Cost?

How much it cost in Perth? Are the prices for glass balustrading pretty much the same compared to the prices in other areas around the world? Where can you find a good glass balustrading company that can cater to your needs and can give you high-quality glass balustrades at a price you can afford?

These are the questions that come into your mind when you are looking forward to install balustrades most especially glass balustrading cost.

In Perth, the prices for glass-type balustrade depend on the type of materials to be used from the type of glass (heat-soaked or stand-off glass) to the spigots (round spigot or square spigot) and handrails to be used (round handrail or flat handrail). This also includes the price of wall brackets and edges.

Between the types of glass, heat-soaked balustrade glass can cost between AUD$64 to AUD$66.00 per linear metre with 970mm in height (with or without handrail holes). The stand-off balustrade glass with 1230mm in height (with or without handrails) can cost from AUD$120.00 to AUD$121.00 per linear metre.

Spigots prices can range from AUD$60.00 to AUD$66.00 and even as much as AUD$82.50 to AUD$88.00 each.

Of course, it also depends on the company you are dealing with when it comes to prices. You just have to make sure that the balustrade company will give you more than what you expect from them- high-quality materials with reasonable prices.

If you can find a company that offers a wide range of different styles and materials from glass balustrades with or without handrails, curved glass and with many different steel options, for sure, you can say that that company is the most reliable, the best and efficient balustrading firm that you can come across with.

You can contact Aristo Balustrades, leading glass balustrades manufacturer here in Perth to get a free quote.