Modern Trends in Balustrading for Home Design

shutterstock_260352578When you have your own home, you will be amazed that little details can actually make a huge impact on the design of your humble abode.

Even balusters cannot only make your house very safe but it can also give your house that elegant look.

They say that no matter how big or small the house is, if there is a huge or spacious front lawn, it can appear to be very beautiful.

Likewise, if people come inside your house and they see that beautifully-designed baluster snaking all the way up to the second floor of your home, they will definitely start asking questions.

Today, home design includes beautiful balustrades. That is why there are a lot of modern trends in balustrading that you may find anywhere on the internet.

Home design in Perth includes careful selection of balustrades that range from stainless steel balustrades, wooden balustrades to glass balustrades. These will give your house a nice modern classy look.

It is said that balustrades didn’t seem to have been known to the Greeks or the Romans. However, if you take a careful look at the furniture that they had, you can see baluster forms like in the legs of chairs and tables. As modern times approach, designs like these in furniture were given new life in balustrades.

Today, balustrades are very important components in a house since they support the handrail to the main body of the staircase. You go around in Perth and you will find houses and even public places like malls and offices have their own style of balustrade installed in staircases.

Nowadays, you can choose from several types of balustrades for your home. You can find options like wood to glass balustrades and even stainless steel balustrades. All you need to do is to find out what type of material for balustrades will blend in the surroundings of your home.

Here are some of the samples of trends in balustrades:

• Glass Balustrades

Of all designs, glass balustrades have the “most modern” look. Your house will look great with balustrades of this type.

This will give your home a more spacious look. It can also give your home a cleaner and neater effect. Maintenance for this type of balustrades is minimal and they can last for a long, long time.

• Floating Stairs

This is another type of glass balustrading that gives a very stunning look on your home. Floating stairs glass balustrades can also give your house the look of pure simplicity.

This type of balustrading is not only ideal for homes but also for offices and commercial buildings. This balustrading system can make any residence or office emit bright aura since light can pass through it, thus, giving the area a brighter feel.

• Classic Balustrades

Classically-designed balustrades can also give any home nowadays that modern touch. You can consider it as some kind of “retroactive” design for balustrades.

It seems that any classic touch in home and office design can inspire modernity, so to speak. This involves elaborate decorations with turnings that have huge newel posts combined with solid architectural style.

Most classic-style balustrades are made from solid timber and they are usually deep in colour or they are being stained to a rich dark finish combining classical design with modern style.

• Stone Balustrade

You can consider this as “retroactive at its extreme level”. Yes, there are homes right now that have balustrades made from stone.

You might be thinking of stone balustrades that are installed outside the home like in perimeter walls or fences. Today, stone balustrades, especially in bigger homes, are installed inside the structure.

This can also give off a classical look and feel. Architects and home designers use small slabs of stones as balustrades for the staircases. This gives off a dramatic and elaborate staircase.

This type of balustrade is commonly used not only in residential projects but also in hotels, shopping centres and offices as well.

• Stainless Steel Balustrades

Perhaps, the most common and most sought-after type of modern trends in balustrading in Perth is stainless steel. Steel is very versatile and can last for a long time.

Today, there are a lot of balustrading companies in Perth that offer stainless steel balustrades that you can have custom-made to suit your preference and taste.

This type of material for balustrades can also be used together with other materials such as resin.

This type can be expensive but other people consider it as cost-effective because of lesser maintenance and it is longer-lasting.

Steel can also be combined with glass or timber which makes balustrades even more beautiful, elegant, modern and at the same time, classy.

But, why is having balustrades consider a modern look? These modern trends in balustrading are now very popular because every home owner would like to make their respective homes as beautiful as they can be.

Installing balustrades is a requirement so that every home and every offices and buildings will be safer. So, as not to compromise the appearance of a particular structure, balustrades are now being offered with modern style. Luckily, Perth balustrading companies offer different modern styles for balustrading online.